Alvian Noviyanto

Director Research of Nano Center Indonesia Research Institute

PI of Mineral Processing Group Research

Ph.D. Yeungnam Univ.

MT. Indonesia Univ.

ST. Padjadjaran Univ.


Dr. Alfian Noviyanto received his Ph.D in Materials Science and Engineering from Yeungnam University in 2013. After completion of his degree, he was appointed as a postdoctoral researcher in the Optical Single Crystal Group, Research Center for Functional Materials, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan from 2013 to 2017. His interests are focused on the advanced ceramic materials for functional or structural application. His project at NIMS was synthesis and sintering of lanthanum oxynitride. Moreover, he also developed a new method to obtain a nanosized titanate oxide, namely Chemothermal Pulverization (CTP). Currently, his research is working on understanding sintering of silicon carbide using spark plasma sintering, developing nanoparticle manganese oxide from local manganese ore, synthesis and sintering of hydroxyapatite from waste as well as calcium titanate oxide.

Mineral Processing Group

Our research group is focused on the development of fabrication the derivative material from mineral resources through mechanochemical and wet chemistry method. This includes the development of scalable and green processing routes for processing mineral resources that can be commercialized. We are currently using hydrothermal and co-precipitation method to synthesis oxide nanomaterials. Besides, we also fabricate high resistance materials by the mechanical alloying and solid-solid reaction in low temperatures reaction. Recent highlights include the synthesis of manganese ferrite for a high resistance pigment and the development of the leaching routes to produce zirconium oxide from zircon sand by mechanochemical.